MOWT Launches Chaguanas Traffic Alleviation Project

RELEASE DATE: 20 Aug 2019

The Borough of Chaguanas, situated in central Trinidad, is one of the fastest growing towns in Trinidad and Tobago. With the increase in residential and commercial development, there has also been an increase in vehicular traffic to and form the area. The increase in traffic has made it difficult for motorists to enter and exit Chaguanas on a daily basis, especially around its town centre.

The Chaguanas Traffic Alleviation Project aims to:
Alleviate the traffic congestion in and out of town centre, thus reducing the travel time entering and exiting the borough;
Improve the connectivity between the eastern and western regions of Chaguanas;
Provide alternative access routes for suburbon residents;
Improve the infrastructure thus allowing for faster and more efficient travel.

The Soogrim trace Roundabout Project consists of the construction of two box culverts and the construction of a roundabout with four(4) adjoining legs to accomodate traffic on and off Soogrim Trace West, Narsaloo Ramaya Marg Road and the UBH.