Special Projects Delivery - URP


The URP’s Special Projects Delivery component provides community groups such as churches and schools with assistance for small, medium, and large scale projects that take more than six weeks to be completed.  Special projects are awarded to contractors within the constituency who will provide both the labour and materials for the project.  Contractors are recruited for a variety of projects, beautification works and repair works to damaged community property.  The contractors are paid by the URJP and are only available to assist with project undertaken by community organisation.  The URP does not provide contractors to perform work for private citizens or businesses.
To request assistance, interested persons must write, call or visit the URP regional office or Member of Parliament responsible for the constituency where the work is to be performed.  All requests for assistance for special projects are submitted for consideration of the Member of Parliament representing the constituency concerned.
Contractors who are interested in participating in the Special Projects Delivery Component of the URP should register with the URP Regional Office responsible for the constituency where the contractor is based.  Registered contractors can apply for projects within the region when they are advertised by the URP.  All contractors expressing interest in a project will receive a tender package and will accompany representatives from the URP on a site visit to assess the work to be conducted.  Contractors may then submit a proposal which will be evaluated by the Ministerial Tenders Committee, who will select the most suitable contractor for the project.
Additional information on the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) can be obtained by contacting the nearest Unemployment Relief Programme regional office.