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Ministry of Works & Transport


Valencia Bypass Project Printable Version

Residents, motorists and commuters can now breathe a sigh of relief after 56 years!

The Valencia Bypass Road and rehabilitation works was officially opened on November 28th, 2014 within time and within budget!

The Ministry is pleased to have introduced this major infrastructural development to the north eastern region that will now benefit thousands who commute Valencia, Sangre Grande and environs.

The Valencia Bypass Project will alleviate the traffic congestion through the construction of a road south of the existing Eastern Main Road to bypass the Valencia Town Centre; and access the best fresh water facilities and tourist destinations in the country.
Local resources and human capital were also utilised which is a direct economic benefit to the community and the country.
This project will result in greatly reduced travel times of commuters, reduction of stress and frustration of traffic congestion which has been an on-going issue for over 56 years. In keeping with its predominant safety theme, the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure is also extremely pleased to provide a much safer road network to support business expansion and growth…The Ministry also advises commuters to access the virtual animation of the Valencia Bypass Project on the Ministry’s website, Youtube Channel and Facebook page to learn the new routes.


The Valencia Bypass Project was completed by the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure.

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