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Ministry of Works & Transport

Calcutta Bridge Formally Opened

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On Sunday 28th September, 2014, the Honourable Dr Surujrattan Rambachan, Minister of Works and Infrastructure, alongside the MP for Couva South, the Honourable Rudrunath Indarsingh, officially opened the Bridge B1/3 Calcutta Road No. 2, alias, the Calcutta Bridge, and brought relief to thousands of residents.

During his feature address, Minister Rambachan indicated that the reconstructed bridge was spearheaded by the Ministry’s Bridges, Landslips and Traffic Management (BLT) Unit at a cost of $28 million dollars. The structure which lies along the Calcutta Road No.2 will now regain its function as a major artery that will significantly improve access between the Balmain and Freeport communities. Additional benefits also include increased hydraulic capacity which will reduce the occurrence of flooding.

The reconstruction project for the bridge commenced after a detailed geotechnical study, conducted in 2012, revealed that the bridge was structurally deficient due to severe depressions and erosion. The Ministry immediately closed the bridge which was deemed a safety hazard.


The new structure is outfitted with 20m span bridge and six AASHTO* Type III pre-stressed concrete deck beams, footpaths and guardrails. The metal rails, were designed by the BLT and depicts the theme “We Moving” in order to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Independence, while the yellow parapet walls are intended to increase visibility for motorists during the night time. A pedestrian walkway, road and drainage works were also part of the reconstruction package.

Mr. Rudrunath Indarsingh, MP Couva for South, also expressed his gratitude for the new bridge which will increase access and enhance the community in his constituency.

Mr Isaac James, Permanent Secretary of MOWI, Mr Roger Ganesh Director of Highways and Mahadeo Jagdeo Director of BLT and many residents were present at the ceremony.

The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure continues to rehabilitate bridges and major arteries on the Highways Road Network in order to provide relief and restore convenience/ bridge the gap in rural communities.

* AASHTO: American Association of State Highway and Transport Officials - A standards setting body with sets guidelines and protocols for highway design and construction the United States.

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