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Trinidad and Tobago
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Ministry of Works & Transport

35 New PTSC Buses Commissioned

The 35 buses will be assigned as follows:-

  • 15 buses will be assigned to priority routes in Tobago and 25 to Trinidad:-

  • Port of Spain/Chaguanas (6)
  • Port of Spain/Diego Martin (2)
  • Port of Spain/Chaguaramas (2)
  • Port of Spain/Piarco (3)
  • Port of Spain/Greenvale (2)
  • Arima/La Horquetta (2)
  • Tours (3)

“As a paramount priority in planning for developed nation status in the year 2030, this Government is poised to replace all aging, moribund buses with a newer, cleaner and more efficient fleet of vehicles. The vision is to create an efficient national transport system that enables customers to have easy access to reliable and safe transport service. This improved system will not only provide bus service but will also consider other modes of transportation that will work together to enhance the ease of mobility, national productivity and enhance the overall quality of life for all.”

Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport

At the Commissioning Ceremony held on May 18th, 2018

Photo Count: 6

  • ptscnewbus20181

  • ptscnewbus201812

  • ptscnewbus20183

  • ptscnewbus20184

  • ptscnewbus20185

  • ptscnewbus20186

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