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Ministry of Works & Transport

Brasso Tabaquite Bridge Opening

On Friday February 22, 2013, the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure officially opened the B1/13 Bridge in Brasso, Tabaquite after 13 months of construction. At the opening, the Minister of Works and Infrastructure (MOWI), Senator the Honourable Emmanuel George, described the newly constructed bridge as a benefit, reconnecting residents physically and socially to surrounding rural areas of the country and to family and friends. The Minister related further that the Ministry had identified and earmarked 62 bridges across Trinidad for reconstruction and improvement. He indicated however, that all such work could not be realistically carried out at the same time, given the demand for infrastructural work to be carried out in various districts across the country. He also expressed gratitude for the exemplary, timely, and professional work carried out by the Major Highway Project Monitoring Unit (MHPMU), under which the construction of the bridge was executed.

The Honourable Stacy Roopnarine, Minister in the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, was also at the Opening. She highlighted the Ministry’s drive toward infrastructural development in rural areas that were sadly neglected before. The Minister also assured the residents that such works would be done to further ensure their convenience and safety as they traverse the nation’s roads.

Member of Parliament for the area (Tabaquite) Dr. the Honourable Surujrattan Rambachan who also addressed the gathering, congratulated the Ministers and MHPMU for the exceptional quality of the bridge and expressed thanks for the Ministry’s continued works in the Constituency of Tabaquite.

There was agreed appreciation by the residents for the newly constructed bridge, given that it had been 12 years that it was scheduled to undergo construction.

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