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Ministry of Works & Transport

Ministers Rambachan and Roopnarine visit Tarouba Link Road and SHH Extension Work Sites

Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan, Minister of Works and Infrastructure and Minister in the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure (MOWI) Stacy Roopnarine, made site visits to two major projects being undertaken by the Ministry on Wednesday May 1, 2013.

The Ministers visited the work sites of the Tarouba Link Road Project in San Fernando as well as the Solomon Hochoy Highway (SHH) Extension Project at Golconda. They were accompanied by MOWI Permanent Secretary, Mr. Isaac James, as well as senior technical staff from the Ministry’s Highways Division and PURE (Programme for Upgrading Roads Efficiency) Unit.  Dr. Carson Charles NIDCO (National Infrastructure Development Pompany) President, was also on hand when the Ministers visited the SHH Extension project site.

Dr. Rambachan’s visit was essentially one of familiarisation and assessment, as he indicated that he was there “To see the quality of work being done” and to ensure that it was “being done according to design.”

The Tarouba Link Road Project is a scheduled eight (8) month project that commenced toward the end of February this year. The first phase of the project, which includes essential slope stablisation to be carried out in the area, as well as the construction of a roundabout that would give rise to a new traffic management scheme and area beautification, is scheduled for completion by the end of June.

With respect to the SHH extension Project, the largest infrastructural project ever undertaken in the country, Dr. Rambachan indicated that a project of such scale should have  the greatest local input as regards to manpower. The project, however, has undergone delays (as at May 1, 2013, it would have been delayed by 14 months), and while Dr. Rambachan is confident of the work going forward, he stated that he saw his role as one to remove impediments and speed things up.

The extended portion of the Solomon Hochoy Highway up to Debe, is expected to be open to traffic by the end of June 2013.

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