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Ministry of Works & Transport

Tarouba Link Road

The Tarouba Link Road, which for years, was under a constant state of deteoriation due to a landslip along its side, was recently reopeded after a roughly year-long upgrade and rehabilitation works.
some features of the upgrade project included:

  • Construction of a dual carriageway inclusive of shoulders

  • Introduction of a signalised intersection at the Tarouba Link Road (TLR) and the Michael Raheal Blvd Intersection  at UTTConstruction of double lane roundabout at Tarouba Link Road (TLR) & San Fernando Bypass Road (SFBR) Intersection.

  • Improvement to drainage network to prevent deterioration of the roadway and flooding of the Tarouba Village –
    a.  This involved the construction of a detention pond east of the northeastern ramp.
    b.  Construction of concrete drainage channels north and south side of the Tarouba Link Road

  • Construction of box  two culverts
    a.  In the vicinity of Tarouba Link Road and the San Fernando Bypass
    b.  At the UTT Intersection to facilitate access to Tarouba Village
  • Stabilisation of landslip near northwestern ramp of the Tarouba Overpass 

  • Traffic management and safety improvements to the Tarouba Link Road
  • Project Benefits
  • Provision of adequate drainage sizes and mitigation measures to reduce flooding within the catchment
  • Shape of drainage channels and embankment designed to aid in the stability of the roadway
  • Roadway rehabilitated and upgraded to international standards
  • Creation of a signalized intersection and roundabout to facilitate all traffic movements
  • Provision of safety and traffic management devices to enhance the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Reduction of travel time

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