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Ministry of Works & Transport

Diego Martin Highway Extension Project - Open

On Wednesday 13th August, 2014, the Honourable Prime Minister, Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar was on hand to officially open the $82M Diego Martin Highway Expansion Project (DMHEP) Phase 4B alongside the Honourable Ministers of Works and Infrastructure, Dr Surujrattan Rambachan and Stacy Roopnarine. In attendance were, the Honourable Member of Parliament for Diego Martin Central, Dr Amery Browne, Member of Parliament for Diego Martin North/East, Colm Imbert, Senator the Honourable Emmanuel George, the Honourable Tim Goopesingh and, other specially invited guests.

During her feature address, the Prime Minister (PM) praised local contractors, designers and project managers for their contribution to this major national project. She also said, “the DMHEP and others projects sends a strong signal that Trinidad and Tobago is working very hard to meet international standards and, it represents the long term vision of local infrastructure development in the country and the best expression of abided commitment”.

The Honourable Dr Surujrattan took on the duty of expressing thanks to the 100,000 residents, commuters and public utility providers for their collaborative efforts on the project. Firstly, the Honourable Prime Minister was also given a token of appreciation for her vision that included major infrastructural development. Additionally, personalised Certificates of Appreciation were given to contractors such as Junior Sammy, Kallco, CAV and nine other Sub-contractors who worked tirelessly on the various phases of the project.

In his project overview, director of Highways, Mr. Roger Ganesh indicated that the DMHEP forms part of the overall developmental plan for the area. He also highlighted that the installation of a pedestrian walkover will finalise the project. This walkover will be project managed by the Programme for Upgrading Roads Efficiency (PURE) at a cost of $10M.

Mr Ganesh Director of Highways thanked all stakeholder and residents for their patience throughout the four phases of the Diego Martin Highway Expansion Project that has been ongoing since 2010. 

Mr Ganesh Director of Highways also appealed to all motorists of the need to engage in Pre-Trip Planning where residents’ and commuters can map out the route to their desired destination before leaving their homes. This will encourage safe and well-organized trip not only on the new Diego Martin Highway but throughout the country.

After the proceedings on the programme, all attendees made their way to the new Highway to cut the ribbon and officially mark the official opening of the DMHEP. 

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