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Ministry of Works & Transport

URP/UTT Vacation Employment Training Programme Presentation

On Wednesday 27th August, 2014, the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure’s Unemployment Relief Programme (URP), held a graduation ceremony for 30 undergraduate civil engineering students of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) who participated in a four month internship/training Programme.

The event’s theme, “Thinking like Professionals” was in keeping with Minister Rambachan’s encouragement at the launch for the trainees to “make the mental shift from students to professionals”. The students executed and presented conceptual designs of a pavilion, as well basketball and tennis courts, in keeping with the challenge given by the Minister, during the Programme’s orientation.

At the graduation ceremony, Dr Rambachan stressed the importance of effective listening.  He pointed out that “people have different ways and reasoning and so people have to listen to one another. However, it will be a bonus if you can sell your ideas which can result in a vision and, by extension, progress." To illustrate this concept, he related a story of a cane worker who had saved his company 1700 acres through a suggestion that was made and accepted.

Minister Rasmbachan continued to highlight that "over the years, URP has evolved due to its vision which is currently being executed, as seen by achievements for the fiscal year. For instance, 1130 URP projects were proposed and at least 959 projects will be completed by November 2014. The achievements are as follows:  63.5km of box drains, 7.2km pavements, nine jogging tracks and three children’s play parks were completed”.

Expressing her gratitude on the occasion, was graduand, Ms Sarona Roopchan, stating   “I wish to extend my profound gratitude to the Minister of Works, Dr Surujrattan Rambachan, for this opportunity that was presented to us, the future Engineers. I also would like to salute the members of the MOWI’s URP for the valuable information, interaction and cooperation at the initial stages of my training.”

During the four months, the students were able to learn new methods and techniques from URP staff by attaining practical experience in Civil Engineering at URP Offices located throughout the country.

Permanent Secretary of MOWI, Isaac James, Kenrick Castellano, URP Programme Manager, Michael Pemberton, Senior Planning Officer of URP and UTT staff were in attendance at the graduation ceremony.

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