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Ministry of Works & Transport

Valencia By-Pass

Valencia By-Pass Printable Version

The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure wishes to advise the general public that plans are moving apace to construct a by-pass road in Valencia. This is another of the Ministry’s traffic alleviation measures, along with the deployment of a number of Traffic Wardens in the area. This project is expected to begin in the new fiscal year.

The construction of this road will be executed in three phases. Phase One will be the rehabilitation of Barbuda Extension and will include construction of concrete drainage channels. In Phase Two, Silica Sands Road will be rehabilitated and widened to include two lanes and shoulders. The final Phase will be the construction of a new roadway that will take commuters to the Eastern Main Road after Valencia Junction. (Please see depiction below) This phase will require the construction of two bridges, one over the Valencia River and the other over the Aripo River.

Of note is the fact that this bye-pass road will not encroach on the Aripo Savannas which is a protected area. However, it will result in greatly reduced traffic congestion along the Eastern Main Road in the vicinity of the Valencia Junction which has been an ongoing issue. Travel times for commuters will also be reduced and the road will provide and increased accessibility to the east coast and environs.

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