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Ministry of Works & Transport

Bridge B 1in13 Mayaro Guayaguare Road

Bridge B 1in13 Mayaro Guayaguare Road Printable Version

The existing bridge structure will be replaced by a bridge span of 30m with a 7.30m road width over the bridge and 1.5m wide shoulders on both sides. Traffic will be diverted to a bailey bridge on the eastern side of the existing bridge. Road and drainage works on the bridge approaches will occur for approximately 40m on the northern end, 60m on the southern end and 160m of a new detour road. Additionally, works are inclusive of landscaping in the vicinity of the bridge.

This project will benefit residents of the Mayaro/Guayaguayare and Galeota communities by providing them reliable access from Galeota Point to other more northerly regions. This area also functions as a hub for small to medium farmers who will benefit greatly from having a safe mode to transport their produce to the market place.

In addition the bridge will also serve the thriving energy industry located at the Port of Point Galeota. The new structure will be constructed to withstand the extra heavy extra wide loads frequently transported by this sector.

Contractor: General Earth Movers Ltd.
Start Date: January 6, 2014

Duration: 608 Calendar days

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