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Ministry of Works & Transport

The Reconstruction of Bridge B 1in1 Coblentz Avenue, St Ann's

The Reconstruction of Bridge B 1in1 Coblentz Avenue, St Ann's Printable Version

The Bridges Reconstruction Programme will provide for the reconstruction and improvement of approximately 62 bridges throughout Trinidad. The Programme will be executed in a number of Phases, Phase I of which is currently in progress and consists of the design and reconstruction of 25 structures.

On January 12th 2014, the BLT launched its Phase I programme of works on twenty-one (21) bridges which included the :-


Bridge B1/1 Coblentz Avenue is a single span steel beam bridge with a reinforced concrete deck and metal pan decking. It is supported on reinforced concrete abutments. The bridge currently only allows for one (1) lane of traffic and is a point of congestion Surveys conducted at the site found that there was significant deterioration of bridge structure. Defects included:

  •  Rotting of steel deck

  •  Corrosion of steel beams

  •  Cracking/Splitting abutments

Work on the structural deficiencies began on March 9th, 2015 and is expected to take place over a twelve (12) month period at a cost of $14,911,441.77

The contractor for this project is Daleem General Contracting Ltd while the design and construction supervisory Engineer is BBFL Caribbean Limited.


  • Widening of bridge at junction of St Ann's Road and Cascade Road. A culvert extension would be constructed adjacent to the existing beam bridge.
  • Fabricate, erect and install pedestrian walkway north of existing bridge
  • Demolition of old and reconstruction of new bridge
  • The new bridge is being constructed in the original location of the existing bridge
  • The new bridge consists of a single span bridge 20m long with seven (7) precast pre-stressed AASHTO Type III beams.
  • There will be two (2) lanes each 3.5m wide with a sidewalk each side approx. 1.15m.
  • The bridge will be supported on spread foundation
  • Road works
  • River works includes mass concrete lining along the channel sides and riverbed with gabion wall to protect river banks.


  • Improved traffic flow with the two (2) lane bridge replacing the existing single lane steel beam bridge.
  • River training and side slope protection for properties adjacent to the river with the installation of gabion baskets downstream.


  • Before reconstruction works can commence, there is utility infrastructure to be relocated at the bridge site. The scope of works for WASA (Water and Sewer), T&TEC, TSTT and FLOW relocations have been identified and the utility companies have been paid to relocate their infrastructure. The schedule for relocations is currently being coordinated.
  • The bridge would be closed to vehicular traffic for the duration of the project. A detour route via Cascade Road has been designated; however, this detour requires an upgrade to accommodate the increased traffic volume. The bridge at junction of St Ann's Road and Cascade Road would be widened to allow for a smoother traffic flow. These works would be completed prior to the demolition of the existing bridge.

  • Pedestrian access would be maintained at this site for the duration of the project; therefore, a pedestrian bridge would have to fabricate and erected prior to the demolition of the existing bridge.

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