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Ministry of Works & Transport

PTSC NGC-CNG Agreement

PTSC NGC-CNG Agreement Printable Version

03 Feb 2017

Minister of Works and Transport calls on PTSC to improve its service

following new NP-CNG agreement

Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport has called on the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) to improve the level of service offered to the public, following the signing agreement between PTSC and NP-CNG for a permanent fuelling station at South Quay on Thursday 3rd February, 2017.

The call was made at the Ministry of Works and Transport in the presence of PTSC’s Chairman Mr. Edwin Gooding and General Manager Ronald Forde; President of NGC-CNG Mr. Curtis Mohammed, Chairman of the National Petroleum Marketing Company (NP) Mr. Sahid Hosein, and NP’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Bernard Mitchell.

The collaboration between PTSC and NP-CNG will facilitate the fuelling of PTSC’s CNG-powered buses in a permanent home and significantly reduce operating costs for the corporation.

Minister Sinanan in his brief remarks noted that the new agreement will enable PTSC to improve its service and efficiency to the nation.

The Minister of Works and Transport has placed customer service high on the agenda across all state agencies under the purview of the Ministry of Works and Transport. “Now that PTSC has this permanent station there and with more buses coming on stream we expect that some of the shortfalls we see happening at PTSC in terms of the service will be addressed. All authorities under the Ministry of Works and Transport have to improve on the service that they offer to the population,” he said.

“I expect PTSC to come up to a much higher level of service than they are offering now to the public and I will be holding PTSC Chairman and the Board to that going forward.”



Currently, a temporary CNG station is in operation at the PTSC, Port of Spain compound. It has been fuelling the Corporation’s CNG buses since 2012. At the time of this temporary station’s commissioning, the PTSC and NGC agreed to eventually build a permanent state of the art CNG service station that efficiently served the needs of the PTSC’s fleet. February 2nd, 2017’s signing, marks considerable continuity in the promise agreed upon by the PTSC, NGC CNG, and NP.

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