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Ministry of Works & Transport

Minister of Works and Transport Tour’s City Gate Facility

Minister of Works and Transport Tour’s City Gate Facility Printable Version

11 Jul 2017

Minister of Works and Transport, Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan Tour’s City Gate Facility

On Tuesday 11th July, Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport met with Mr. Eon Hewitt, President of the Association of Maxi Taxi Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Linus Philip, President of the Red Band Maxi Taxi Association and their respective teams.

Minister Sinanan’s tour of the facility provided him with a comprehensive overview of the Association’s concerns, as it relates to the upkeep and management of the City Gate Facility.

Minister Sinanan upon viewing some of the short comings of the facility stated that, “City Gate is one of the main transportation hubs in Trinidad and it MUST be maintained to benefit the Association, maxi taxi drivers and daily commuters”. During his conversation with his technical team, which included the Chairman of the PTSC, Mr. Edwin Gooding and General Manager of the PTSC, Mr. Ronald Forde, he stressed the need for improved customer service which mirrors that of first world countries.

Better customer service MUST now include a faster and more efficient bus and maxi taxi service, shorter queues, the availability of real time information in the event of delays and regularly maintained facilities that are aesthetically pleasing to all users. Minister Sinanan stressed that many tax payers use this facility on a daily basis and they must get value for their money.

Following the tour of the facility, the Board and Management of the PTSC have been tasked with key deliverables which will bring considerable relief to the Maxi Taxi Association and by extension the travelling public.

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