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Minister Sinanan delivers on his promise to the Fishing Pond Community

Minister Sinanan delivers on his promise to the Fishing Pond Community Printable Version

14 Jul 2017

Minister Sinanan delivers on his promise to the community

of Leemond Road, Fishing Pond

On Friday July 14, 2017 Minister of Works and Transport, Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan delivered the feature address at the Commissioning of the Leemond Road Fishing Pond Water Supply Project. This improvement initiative to optimize water supply to homes in the area and adjoin 278 households to WASA’s distribution network involved the laying of underground pipes which caused considerable damage to the roadway.
On April 23, 2017 Minister Sinanan toured the area with his technical team, the area’s MP, Ms. Christine Newallo-Hosein and WASA officials to gain a first-hand look at the problems plaguing the community.
For years residents of the Fishing Pond community have been clamouring for improved roads. Today, Minister Sinanan delivered on his promise as this project formed part of the Ministry’s list of priority initiatives which arose out of his current, nationwide constituency tours.
In his address, Sinanan remarked, “As Minister of Works and Transport, I was particularly heartened by the fact that resources were available to initiate a joint venture with WASA to provide meaningful relief to residents in the area.”
Following this decision to intervene, permanent road restoration began on May 19, 2017 from the corner of the Eastern Main Road, Oropouche to Leemond Junction, a distance of 6.1 km. As a result, the road is now smooth and clear for use. Residents’ access in and out of the area has been restored for greater safety, convenience and efficiency.
Minister Sinanan is also quoted as saying that, “Transportation is the key to our prosperity. Greater connectivity throughout Trinidad and Tobago creates opportunity for more people working together to build a thriving, sustainable future.”
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