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Ministry of Works & Transport

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 2016

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 2016 Printable Version

17 Nov 2016

The World Health Organization reminds usthat,"road deaths and injuries are sudden, violent and traumatic experiences. Their grief and impact are long-lasting, often permanent." For this reason, Iam honoured to commemorate World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims on this third Sunday in the month of November. Let us all understand the power of collaboration in the spirit of hope and realize that when we work together: drivers, pedestrians, special interest groups like Arrive Alive and government can make travel on our roads much safer for all.

While statistics from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch indicate that fatal accidents have decreased from last year by 15%and deaths by 14%,we still have a lot of work to do. Just ask the kin of the 111 from this year who lost a spouse,sibling, child, parent or friend to a road traffic accident. They would all certainly agree that we need to work harder to bring this statistic down to where it should be.At naught...

In fact,if each driver in Trinidad and Tobago pledges to always follow the rules of the road, never operates a motor vehicle while inebriated and never engages in distracting activities while driving like texting and talking on the phone, we can decrease, to a much greater extent,the burden of traffic injuries and deaths.

Right now the Ministry of Works and Transport is involved in several projects that will contribute to make the highways and roads of our nation much safer.
 Some include:
  • Establishing uninterrupted power supply for our traffic signals.
  • Upgrading obsolete traffic signal control equipment e Contributing to Red Light Enforcement Legislation e Installing 9 Spot Speed Enforcement Cameras
  • Assisting Trinidad and Tobago Police Service with the procurement of additional Speed Guns
  • Installing special Accessible Pedestrian Signal devices that help the visually impaired cross the street safely

Today as we honour the ones who left us way too early because of road violence,let's help to keep their memories alive.We can do this by committing to spend the rest of our lives as motorists and pedestrians who drive and walk safe. Never allow the pain of their loss to ever be in vain. We can use their stories to raise awareness of road traffic carnage and encourage the rest of the world to stay alert while traveling along our roads and highways.
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