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Ministry of Works & Transport

Repairs to the Protective Cable Barrier Along the Solomon Hochoy Highway have begun

Repairs to the Protective Cable Barrier Along the Solomon Hochoy Highway have begun Printable Version

10 Mar 2018

The repairs to the High Tension Cable Barrier System along the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, have resumed. The repairs to the damaged cable barriers form part of the Ministry's drive to improve road safety conditions on the nation's roadways.

On Saturday 10th March, 2018, the Traffic Management Branch of the Ministry of Works & Transport began to repair the protective barriers after sourcing the necessary funding. The Ministry has always placed road safety high on its agenda and as a result, has conducted the necessary assessments on the damaged cable barriers; however, the repair works were halted due to a lack of available funding.

The sole purpose of the Cable Barrier System is to prevent vehicles from crossing the median to opposing lanes of traffic and inevitably, to avoid head on collisions.

Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport, who was on site to witness the repairs of the Barrier System on Saturday morning, would like to maintain that, “ The Cable Barrier System should not be used as an alternative for reckless driving: exceeding the speed limit, driving under the influence or using cell phones while driving”.

The Ministry is also looking into gaining compensation to the Cable Barrier System from the insurance companies once damaged by a motorist.

Motorists are required to adhere to the speed limits and drive responsibly.
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