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Ministry of Works & Transport

MOWT Acts To Ensure District Offices Remain Free of Illegal Activities

MOWT Acts To Ensure District Offices Remain Free of Illegal Activities Printable Version

20 Apr 2018

The Ministry of Works and Transport has noted with concern the discovery of illicit drugs on the compound of its El Socorro District Office by officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), following an anti-crime exercise on the premises earlier today with the authorization from the Ministry.

The authorization to search and secure the compound was given to the TTPS further to information received by the Ministry, and in a wider effort to ensure that offices in which its employees and all citizens conduct government business, remain free and clear of all illegal activities at all times.

The Ministry maintains that the possession of marijuana is an offence under the Dangerous Drugs Act Chap 11:25 and wishes to remind the public that police officers who have reasonable cause to suspect that marijuana is kept or concealed in any building, room, vehicle or any enclosure have the power to search (day or night) the
area in question, with the appropriate authorization.

The Ministry thanks the officers of the TTPS for the diligent and professional execution of their duties during this exercise, and for their commitment to curbing illegal activities across Trinidad and Tobago. The Ministry is resolute in its commitment to work in tandem with the TTPS to ensure that any other suspected cases of illegal activities at its compounds are addressed.

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