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Ministry of Works & Transport

The MOWT introduces Five Month Moratorium on the Inspection of Vehicles

The MOWT introduces Five Month Moratorium on the Inspection of Vehicles Printable Version

29 Jun 2018

On July 05th 2018, a five (5) month moratorium was granted on the inspection of motor vehicles .This will allow citizens who own and drive motor vehicles sufficient time to ensure that their vehicles are properly inspected and the necessary inspection stickers are affixed to these vehicles, in accordance with the requirements of the MVTR Regulations. It is anticipated that this moratorium will reduce the overcrowding of inspection garages and Transport Division offices around the country and alleviate a situation which has been causing anxiety and inconvenience to thousands of citizens.

The public is reminded that Section 27(11) of the MVTR Regulations states that:
“27(11) A registered owner of a private motor vehicle or motorcycle,
public service motor vehicle, rental car, goods vehicle, omnibus or trailer
who fails to produce the vehicle for inspection or drives the vehicle
without obtaining an inspection sticker and certificate in accordance with
these Regulations commits an offence and is liable, on summary
conviction, to a fine of five thousand dollars.”

The Ministry of Works and Transport urges the general public to utilize the extension provided to ensure that their vehicles are in a road worthy condition.
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