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Ministry of Works & Transport

Maritime Sector in TT to Strengthen through Regional Training

Maritime Sector in TT to Strengthen through Regional Training Printable Version

01 Nov 2018

The Ministry of Work and Transport is currently host to a three week Regional Caribbean Ship Inspection
Training Workshop (CASIT) facilitated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) at its Head
Office. The workshop which began on October 29th 2018 and will run until November 16th 2018, involves
the participation of 12 member state countries and four territories, with the largest contingent being
from host country Trinidad and Tobago. It will see local participants benefit from improved professional
capabilities in the region to inspect vessels of less than 500 GT (Gross Tonnage).

The course is aimed at preparing ship surveyors to function in a Caribbean maritime administration, with

trainees being taught to conduct flag state inspection (FSI) on all vessels under 24 metres in length, and

annual and renewal surveys on vessels up to 500 GT. Trainees will also have the ability to carry out port

state control (PSC) inspections on those types of vessels and the inspection of documents on all ships.

Mr. Ronald Alfred, Director of Maritime Services at the Ministry of Works and Transport underscored

the importance of this training to the development of the Maritime Sector in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Trinidad and Tobago is in a unique position currently as we have a wide range of vessels that traverse

here, as well as dockyards where ships can be repaired. As a result it offers an ideal opportunity for

training. What this course will do is build regional capacity in the inspection of ships that will assist in the

reduction of substandard shipping in the region. This in turn reduces accidents and pollution to the

maritime environment,” he said.

About the Workshop

The workshop is facilitated by Mr. Colin P. Young, Regional Maritime Advisor, International Maritime Organization, Trinidad and Tobago; Mr. Courtney Lange, Government Appointed Surveyor, Trinidad and Tobago; Mr. Ricardo Boke, Port State Control Officer, Chile; Mr. Luc Van Osch, Netherlands Shipping Inspection Caribbean Region, Sint Eustatius; Mr. Renee Imanol Bastarrechea, Prefectura Naval Argentina, Argentina; Mr. Sukhijit Singh, The University of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago.
The course is comprehensive and intense. The theoretical part will include, amongst other things: formal aspects such as international treaties, port and flag State regimes, conventions on maritime safety and pollution prevention, Recognized Organizations (ROs) and the regional codes; technical aspects including ship stability and load lines, dangerous cargoes, machinery installations and hull constructions. It will include training on ILO matters related to working and living conditions on-board ships in accordance with Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006. Another part of the course will be of a practical nature, introducing the participants to the actual conduct of ship inspections.

Other benefits of the Workshop are:
 It raises the region’s profile as a safe area to conduct shipping business.
 It allows for the creation of the right environment for the growth of the Marine Industry.
 The Maritime Services Division considers itself the “Tip of the Spare for the economic diversification of Trinidad and Tobago as shipping and the Blue Economy which will be the next big boom.
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