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Ministry of Works & Transport

Additional Inspection Garages Available for T Goods Motor Vehicles

Additional Inspection Garages Available for T Goods Motor Vehicles Printable Version

28 Nov 2018

Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport, today presented additional
certificates to private garages approving them as official testing stations for the inspection of “T” Goods
Motor Vehicles up to 3200kgs M.G.W.

The recently approved private garages bring the complement of garages that can inspect “T” Goods
Vehicles to 34.

Sinanan as Minister of Works and Transport on July 23rd, 2018, amended Regulation 27(1) of the
Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations (MVRTR) to allow Commercial/Goods Vehicles with a
Maximum Gross Weight of 3200kg and under, that are two (2) years old or more, from the date of
Manufacture to be inspected, biennially, at approved private inspection stations throughout Trinidad
and Tobago.

Minister Sinanan encouraged the garage owners to work with the Ministry as a part of its growing
network and encouraged them to provide quality service to citizens to their best ability.
He also sent a stern warning that any garage owner found engaging in any sort of unscrupulous activity at
their testing station would have their licenses permanently revoked.


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