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Ministry of Works & Transport

Update on the Reconstruction of Bridge B2/1 Cunapo Southern Main Road

Update on the Reconstruction of Bridge B2/1 Cunapo Southern Main Road Printable Version

30 Aug 2019

The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to advise the general public that the revised completion date for the
reconstruction of bridge B2/1 Cunapo Southern Main Road is now September 30th 2019. This has become
necessary to complete outstanding earthworks which have been adversely affected by the inclement weather.
The Ministry is cognizant that this revised date will result in various levels of inconvenience and disruption to the
commuting public. As such, necessary contingency measures are being implemented to minimize these issues.
The Ministry wishes to thank members of the Sangre Grande and the Cunapo Southern Main Road communities
for their patience and cooperation during this exercise. When completed, the Cunapo Bridge Project is expected
to reduce delays significantly, time lost, road user costs and vehicle emissions from exhaust associated with traffic
congestion in the surrounding areas. The project will also aid in alleviating problems related to flooding along the
Cunapo Southern Main Road.


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