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Ministry of Works & Transport

Driving While Impaired by Alcohol or other Drugs

Driving While Impaired by Alcohol or other Drugs Printable Version

20 Dec 2019

The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to remind the motoring public during this festive season, of the following existing legislation from the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, as it pertains to driving while impaired by alcohol or other drugs:

70. (1) Any person who, when driving or attempting to drive or when in charge of a motor vehicle on a road, is under the influence of drink or a drug to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the vehicle, is liable on first conviction to a fine of twelve thousand dollars and to imprisonment for three years and on any subsequent conviction to a fine of twenty-two thousand, five hundred dollars and to imprisonment for five years.

(2) A person convicted of—

(a) two consecutive offences under this section shall, unless the Court for special reasons thinks fit to order otherwise and without prejudice to the power of the Court to order a longer period of disqualification, be disqualified for a period of three years from the date of the conviction from holding or obtaining a driving permit; and

(b) a third conviction for a like offence, shall be permanently disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving permit;

(3) Any constable may arrest without a warrant any person committing an offence under this section.

(4) The Minister may, by Order, approve the device to be used for the detection of drugs pursuant to subsection (1).

70A. (1) No person shall drive or attempt to drive, or be in charge of a motor vehicle on a road or other public place if he has consumed alcohol in such a quantity that the proportion thereof in his breath or blood exceeds the prescribed limit.

The Ministry wishes to remind the national community that it is moving swiftly towards finalizing a policy for the introduction of drugalizer devices to address the potential issue that may arise regarding drug impaired driving in Trinidad and Tobago. This demonstrates the Ministry’s commitment to ensure safe driving for all on our nation’s roads.

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