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Ministry of Works & Transport

Upgrade of Freeport Southbound Deceleration Ramp

Upgrade of Freeport Southbound Deceleration Ramp Printable Version

19 Feb 2014


In fulfilling its mandate to construct and maintain highways, major and secondary roads for the benefit of all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure (MOWI) recently completed upgrades to the Freeport Southbound Deceleration Ramp. The project, deemed as high priority, was undertaken by the the Ministry's Programme for Upgrading Roads Efficiency (PURE) Unit.

The Freeport Southbound Deceleration Ramp is a major thoroughfare used daily by motorists to access Cunupia, Couva and St Mary’s Junction. Prior to construction works, it consisted of one lane, resulting in heavy traffic congestion which often spilled onto the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway (SSHH). PURE was able to complete these works in a mere four months.

The Scope of Works for the project involved:

  • Upgrade of the Freeport Overpass Eastern Intersection roadways, inclusive of Arena Road and the southbound ingress from the SSHH;
  • Widening of the deceleration ramp from one (1) lane to three (3) lanes;
  • Improvement to the drainage network to prevent deterioration of the roadway and flooding;
  • Stabilisation of landslip on the eastern edge of the southbound lane of the SSHH;
  • Widening the roadway under the overpass from two (2) lanes to three (3) lanes - two lanes facilitate traffic travelling in opposite directions and one lane in the centre serves as a turning lane - and overall improvements to the geometry of the intersection.

MOWI anticipates that this project stands to benefit users of the ramp as well as persons of surrounding communities. Adequate drainage sizes and mitigation measures will reduce flooding within the catchment. The shape of drainage channels and embankment designed, will aid in the stability of the roadway which was rehabilitated and upgraded to international standards. Further, the provision of safety and traffic management devices will enhance the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. According to Mr. Ragbir, a Freeport businessman, “The Ministry of Works did an excellent job! For over 30 years lives of motorists entering Freeport through the filter road were threatened due to the traffic pile up on the Solomon Hochoy Highway. The project although still on-going has solved a lot of safety problems”.

This latest infrastructural improvement will not only directly benefit motorists through the reduction of travel time and road user cost, it will also assist those who head south along the Solomon Hochoy Highway.

MOWI continues to uphold the safety of both motorists and pedestrians equally and will continue to treat such with utmost importance when undergoing developmental works.

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