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Ministry of Works & Transport

BRP Update - Toco and Pluck Road

BRP Update - Toco and Pluck Road Printable Version

22 Jan 2015

The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure wishes to update the public on the progress of two of the bridges under its Bridges Reconstruction Programme, B2/10 Toco Main Road and B3/5 Pluck Road.  B2/10 Toco Main Road is seventy-eight percent complete and is expected to be opened in February while B3/5 Pluck Road is sixty percent complete and is expected to be opened in April.

The year 2014 saw the completion of two of the twenty-five bridges in Phase 1, Bridge 1/3 Calcutta Road and Bridge 1/9 Talparo Main Road. Bridge 1/3 Calcutta Road was opened to vehicular traffic on September 28th 2014 and now provides an improved access between the Balmain and Freeport communities. Bridge 1/9 Talparo Main Road was opened to motorists in October 25th 2014 after having stood as a wooden bridge for more than one hundred years. Of the eleven remaining bridges the average completion is fifty percent.

The Bridges Reconstruction Programme (BRP) was launched on January 12th 2014 and was as a result of a year-long assessment of the Highways Division’s infrastructure. This analysis conducted from 2010-2011 revealed that the road network was severely compromised by dilapidated bridges, numerous landslips and deteriorated traffic management infrastructure. In order to address these issues, three (3) inter-related Programmes of Works, of which the Bridges Reconstruction Programme was one, were developed.

Sixty -two bridges were identified throughout Trinidad on the Highways Division road network for major reconstruction under the BRP. There are a total of ninety-four bridges requiring immediate attention due to structural problems.

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