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Works Minister Issues 29 PBR Permits

Works Minister Issues 29 PBR Permits Printable Version

04 May 2015

On Wednesday 29th April, 2015, the Honourable Dr Surujrattan Rambachan, Minister of Works and Infrastructure issued 29 Priority Bus Route (PBR) permits to Route 2 Maxi-Taxi owners, during a simple ceremony held at the Ministry's Headquarters.

These first-time permit holders were successful in their applications and have now been added to the fleet of maxis that service the Priority Bus Route. The PBR falls under the purview of the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure. The introduction of twenty-nine (29) Permits to twenty five-seater maxis on the PBR is an attempt to maximise resources and, to improve the transportation system along the East/West Corridor.

During the feature address, the Honourable Minister noted that even though it was a simple ceremony, it was also symbolic because it was a moment of empowerment and fulfilment for the 29 entrepreneurs.

Dr Rambachan highlighted that these new permit holders are providing a transportation service but more importantly, making a significant contribution to the economy. These maxi-taxi operators play an important role in the functionality of schools, hospitals and other key institutions by getting persons to work and school on time. In this regard, Minister congratulated the recipients.

On another note, Dr Rambachan also pleaded with these drivers to adhere to the conditions stipulated on the permits and the use of PBR. Particularly, the need to adopt proper road safety measures by not using cell-phones and obeying the speed limit since 'speed kills'. He also appealed to pedestrians to use the infrastructure because too many persons are being killed under the walkovers.

In addition, Maxis operators not going the full destination was another issue highlighted by the Minister. As a result of MOWI's No Going Short Campaign, eight (8) maxis taxi permits have been revoked and in the upcoming week, five 5 more will also be revoked.

Permanent Secretary, Mr Isaac James who was on hand to give welcome remarks said that issuing these new permits is a means of making efficient use of roadway and, by extension, enhancing the transportation system along this major thoroughfare.

Mr Linus Phillip, President of the Route 2 Maxi Taxi Association, thanked the Minister of Works for the passes and for implementing initiatives to address problems on the PBR such as the No Going Short Campaign. He also vowed to continue working closely with the Ministry.

The Transport Commissioner and Transit Police Representatives were also present at the ceremony.

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