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Ministry of Works & Transport

Highways Cleanup Project-Sea Lots Intersection to Piarco Junction

Highways Cleanup Project-Sea Lots Intersection to Piarco Junction Printable Version

24 Nov 2015

The Ministry of Works and Transport continues to do its part in ensuring safety on our nation’s roads. As such, MOWT wishes to inform the public that it will be undertaking a Highways Clean-up Project from Wednesday November 25th to Friday December 11th, 2015 between 6AM and 2PM daily.

This has become necessary as the Beetham and the Churchill Roosevelt Highways continue to be increasingly marred with litter, illegal signage and the like. The project will be carried out simultaneously in five (5) areas:

1. Sea Lots (Central Market) to Barataria;

2. Barataria to Grand Bazaar;

3. Grand Bazaar to Curepe;

4. Curepe to Macoya and

5. Macoya to Piarco Junction.

To accommodate the free flow of traffic during peak hours, works will be done in the eastbound lane from 6AM to 11AM and from 11AM to 2PM in the westbound lane.

Additionally, the Ministry’s Highways Division will execute these works with the support of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP), the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force and the CEPEP Company Limited.

In light of the above, motorists are advised to:

 Proceed with caution and observe all directional signs and barriers.

 Comply with instructions from Police Officers on-site to facilitate the safe and orderly flow of traffic.

 Be aware of heavy equipment in operation and

 Avoid ‘rubbernecking’ which will only contribute to traffic congestion.

The Ministry of Works and Transport also takes this opportunity to remind motorists and other users of the nation's highways and roadways, that littering is a contravention of the law. Persons are therefore encouraged to avoid such behaviours.

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