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Trinidad and Tobago
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Ministry of Works & Transport

Drainage Division

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The Drainage Division of the Ministry has the mandate to develop and maintain main watercourses and irrigation systems; provide advisory services to ensure efficient and effective flood erosion and sedimentation control, drainage, irrigation, and reclamation, in a cost effective manner, in order to improve the life of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

The core activities of the Drainage Division are to:  

  • Provide effective and efficient drainage services to reduce flooding
  • Provide and ensure adequate water supply for irrigation for farmers
  • Provide Value for Money Services in all drainage and related services provided by the Ministry
  • Develop and implement policies, plans, standards, regulations, rules and requirements for quality drainage flood control
  • Be proactive in planning provision of drainage services and the maintenance of all watercourses
  • Maintain a heightened sense of security, comfort and satisfaction in the minds of the public
  • Provide communication, information and an avenue for consultation to create awareness and participation by the public in drainage management

Some key services provided by the Drainage Division include:

  • Constructing, re-building or altering of any controlled structure over, in or under any controlled channel
  • Alterations to the banks or bed of a controlled channel
  • Maintenance of any controlled structure or channel under the authority of the Division
  • Maintenance of all major watercourses under the jurisdiction of the Division via the use of hired heavy equipment and in-house labour (River Control Gangs) to de-silt, clean and clear major watercourses
  • Produce, provide, implement, and create to major watercourses realignment using contracted heavy equipment, erosion protection by small/medium sized construction projects done in-house
  • Effective and quick response to and dealing with flooding/erosion complaints from the public
  • Monitor major watercourses to ensure compliance with law from citizens/corporations etc.
  • Develop and operate Irrigation Systems
  • Advise the public on Drainage matters 


Requirements for Land Developers to Obtain Drainage Design Approval

Process to obtain Final  Drainage  Approval

Children's Brochure

Contact the Drainage Division: 

#42 Chootoo Road,

El Socorro,

Trinidad and Tobago,

West Indies.

Tel: (868) 225-3521​

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