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 The Royal Gazette Number 99, dated December 13, 1951, marks the establishment of the Transport Division in Trinidad and Tobago. The Gazette highlights the following:-

  • The duties of the Licensing Authority were placed in the hands of the Transport Commissioner
  • Mr O. D. Gibbons was the first appointee and the Authority was placed under the control of the Department of Communication and Works
  • The vehicle population at the time was approximately twenty three thousand (23,000) and most of the technical staff was drawn from the police force

 Transport Division’s Vision Statement

“We see ourselves as a semi-autonomous organization responsible for road safety practices and standards with high levels of responsiveness to the environment and our customers; performing at the highest level of professionalism, with tea spirit and a highly skilled and motivated staff, utilizing the appropriate technology and acting with integrity in all our efforts to do business electronically with a web enabled technology”.

Transport Division’s Mission

“To provide an efficient and effective service relating to the issuance of driving permits, registration and inspection of motor vehicles and Road Traffic Laws and the collection of associated revenues”.

Role of the Division

In accordance with the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Chapter 48:50, the Transport Commissioner is the Licensing Authority and is responsible for the registration, licensing and inspection of motor vehicles, the issuance of driver’s permits and other related matters. Under the supervision of the Transport Commissioner, the specific functions and duties of the Division include:

  •  Registration of Motor Vehicles
  •  Inspection of Motor Vehicles
  •  Issuance of Driver’s Permits
  •  Directing the supervision of traffic census
  •  Executing Government Policy in the area of maxi taxi operations
  •  Supervising private testing station
  •  Hearing appeals of applicants who are aggrieved by decisions of subordinates
  •  Collection of the associated revenues
  •  Regulating the private school bus system
  •  Performing related work as required


The following legislation provides the authority for the Division to execute its functions and related responsibilities:

  •  The Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, Chapter 48:50

               *Act No. 42 of 1934 as amended. This act was validated by Act No. 21 of 1978

  •  The Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Insurance Act, Chapter 48:51
  •  The Maxi Taxi Act Chapter 48:53

              *Act No. 48 of 1970

  • The Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Amendment:-

              *Act No. 25 of 1997

              *Act No. 9 of 2001

  • The Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic (Amendment) Regulations 1999

• Modernization and upgrade of all Licensing Offices across Trinidad and Tobago
• Implementation of an Online Driver’s Permit Verification System 
• Implementation of a Online Vehicle Validation System 
• Implementation of the New Driving Permit System in Trinidad and Tobago 
• Commissioning of the new Licensing Head Office in Caroni
*spearheading Legislative Reform: Demerit Points System, Red-Light Enforcement System, Fixed Penalty Traffic Ticketing System and Spot Speed Camera Enforcement System 



Requirements to obtain a :-

  • Requirements to obtain a Maxi Taxi Permit


 Requirements to obtain a :-




Requirements to :-





UPDATED  Thursday 20th December, 2018




001 Sookhai's Diesel Service Ltd
IDC Industrial Estate, Biljah Road, Chaguanas
Tel No:  665-4675,671-0900,0901
 Fax No: 665-3672
002 Motormax Auto & Diesel Garage
38 Mausica Road, D'Abadie
Tel No: 642-1568
Bobby's Auto Enterprise Ltd
17 1/2 Erin Road, Santa Flora
Tel No: 649-5828/ Fax No: 649-6489
005 Sudama Ramlogan
T/A S&S (DRAX) Ramlogan & Sons 59 Fairfield Road, Craignish Village, Princes Town
Tel No: 655-3243
006 J's Auto Masters
Chootoo Road, El Socorro South, San  Juan
Tel No: 674-5315
007 Spark Motor Supplies
46C Hubert Rance Street Vistabella San Fernando
Tel No: 652-8643 or 681-9993
010 Valley Auto Centre Limited
LP # 105 Diego Martin Main Road, Diego Martin (opp. Charles Avenue)
Tel No.s:
Landline - 632-7571
Landline - 239-1166
Cell - 759-7965
012 Southern Instruments Co. Ltd
2 Leotaud Street, San Fernando
Tel & Fax No: 652-6048/6204020
013 J.C.S. Car Craft
P.O.# 49A Grants Road Rousillac Village
Tel No: 648-8694

Kamus Muffler Works Limited
19-21 First Avenue, Barataria
Tel No:  671-7308/7315  680-0029
016 South's Auto Services Station Co. Ltd.
127 Siparia Erin Road, Debe
Tel No : 647-6878/620-2064
017 Alternative Gases Ltd
153-154 Mission Road Freeport
Tel & Fax No: 673-2839
022 Chow's Service Bay
Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande
Tel No: 668-0865
024 Pegasus Automotive  Enterprises
 122 Eccles Village, Williamsville
Tel No: 656- 1316
025 David 's Auto Repairs
LP #6 Ramai Trace, Debe
Tel No: 647-6793
026 Auto-Trac Supplies & Service
# 317 Siparia Old Road Avocat Village, Fyzabad
Tel No: 677-4122
027 Kaljam Ali
113 Munroe Road, Cunupia
Tel No : 672-4186
Fax No:
029 Mulchan  and  Kalli  Sawh TI A Central Auto Review
LP#12 Bonne Aventure Road, Cunupia
Tel No: 672-7476 / 355-7830/495-0139
031 D&S Auto Care Services Ltd
1-3 Naparima-Mayaro Road Mon Repos, San Fernando
Tel No: 653-3554
033 BF Mufflers
37 km Naparima-Mayaro  Road, Rio Claro
Tel No: 644-2889
035 C.O's Garage
#688-690 Cipero Road Borde Narve Village, San Fernando
Te1 No:656-5152 / 5282

Ramjohn  & Lilly Mohammed TI A Mohammed Auto Supply
 26  Grell  Street,  Siparia
Tel No: 649-1925
037 Ramjohn  & Lilly Mohammed TI A Mohammed Auto Supply
 26  Grell  Street,  Siparia
Tel No: 649-1925
038 Stephen Wellington TI A Baseline Services Co. Ltd
Cor. Eastern Main Road & Road Reserve, Valencia
Tel No: 667-0453
042 Worrel Regis and Co. Ltd LP#376 Southern Main Road Enterprise Village, Chaguanas Tel No: 665-3377
044 Road Transport Engineering Ltd
#53 Main Road, Point Fortin
Tel  No:  648-231212612154
Fax No: 648-2312
046 Frank 's Tyre & Body Shop Ltd
316 Eastern Main Road, El Dorado
Tel & Fax No : 662-8973
054 Frank Jeeta's
#57A Eastern Main Road,  Barataria
Tel No.: 638-5797
056 Auto Works Ltd
Wrightson Road, Port of Spain
Tel No : 624-5265
058 Nanhoo Service Station
# 19 Carib Street San Fernando
Tel No: 652-3470
068 K. Deen 's Auto Service Ltd 58 Union Road
Tel No : 658-3648
072 B.J. Service Garage
# 640St. Croix Road Lengua Village, Princes Town, via Barrackpore
Tel No: 655-1332
073 Mamoud Mohammed
LP #956 Eastern Main Road ,Sangre Chiquita, Sangre Grande
Tel No : 668-1443
074 Active General Traders Ltd
 #23 Spring Gardens, Balmain Couva
Tel  No : 679-8335/679-8345 Fax No: 679-8348
075 The Vehicle Maintenance Corporation of T&T Ltd
#22 Beetham Gardens Beetham,  Highway Laventille
Tel No:  624-8728I625-9028
Fax No : 623-4506
076 Vulcan Muffler Service
#22 Eastern Main Road, Laventille
Tel No: 623-4310
Fax No: 642-3108
078 Wheeler Tyre Sales & Services
126 Cipero Road, Golconda Village, San  Fernando
Tel/ Fax No: 652-8179
083 Tone Automotive Limited
# 115 Union Road, Marabella.
Tel./Fax: 658-4000
084 K. P. Supa One
121 Bejucal Road Cunupia
Tel No. 756-2161/ 701-5464
087 Cecil Mooloo TIA Cac Enterprise
12 Sisters Road Williamsville
Tel. No. 656-0411
089 Champs Fleurs Auto Services Ltd
Cor. Eastern Main Road &1 Industrial, Lane ,Champs Fleurs
Tel No. 662-6545
091 The Vehicle Management Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (San Fernando) Union Hall, Cross Crossing, San Fernando Tel No. : 626-2265
92 The Vehicle Management Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (Tobago)
Old Government Farm Road ,Scarborough, Tobago
Tel. No. : 626-2265
93 Suncoast Enterprises
121 Batchyia Village Penal
Tel. No. 735-6668
094 A2Z Auto Repairs Centre Limited
Lp#10 Burnett Street, Peters Field Chaguanas 
Tel. No. 727-2583
095 South's Auto Service Station Co. Ltd #2
# 127 Siparia Erin Road, Debe 647-6464
Tel. No. 647-6464



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