Bridge B1in70 is Now a Two Lane Reinforced Concrete Bridge

RELEASE DATE: 04 Oct 2022

The Bridge B1/70 was previously a single lane bailey bridge with no sidewalks and could accommodate a maximum capacity of 10 tonnes. As at Saturday 19th October 2019, it was transformed into a two lane reinforced concrete bridge with improved drainage and river protection, and no load limit. The Ministry of Works and Transport held a brief Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to officially open B1/70 along the Paria Main Road, Blanchisseuse.


  • It serves to improve transportation for approximately 1500 households in the Blanchisseuse Community
  • It is now a two lane reinforced concrete bridge providing for a smoother flow of traffic 
  • It will provide greater access for tourists and locals to visit the neighbouring beaches
  • There are now sidewalks for the safety of the pedestrians
  • It minimise delays, road user cost and vehicle emmissions
  • It includes river protection and improved drainage infrastructure.