Bridge B1/1 Manuel Congo Road, Cumuto

A September 2010 survey of the bridges on the Highways Division road network revealed that a number of these structures are in advanced stages of dilapidation. The need for safe and reliable bridge infrastructure has also been underscored by recent events which threaten the lives of citizens and the isolation of some communities from access to basic services. The Bridges Reconstruction Programme will provide for the reconstruction and improvement of approximately 62 bridges throughout Trinidad. The Programme will be executed in a number of phases, Phase I of which is currently in progress and consists of the design and reconstruction of 26 structures.

The Ministry's Bridges, Landslips and Traffic Management Unit is pleased to announce the successful completion and opening of the B1/1 Manuel Congo Bridge, Manuel Congo Road, Cumuto. The Bridge was officially opened on Saturday 21st September, 2019. The B1/1 Manuel Congo is now:

  • A two lane reinforced concrete bridge
  • Has Sidewalks on either side 
  • Has no load limit (previously the Bailey Bridge had a tonne load limit)