Bridge B1/4 Mamoral Road, Mamoral

Bridge B1/4 Mamoral Road, Mamoral is a project of the Bridges, Landslips and Traffic Management Unit. Rehabilitation works were performed on Bridge B1/4 on Mamoral Road, Mamoral.  Bridge works comprised the removal of the existing Bailey bridge and construction of a new two-laned reinforced concrete Bridge.

  • The scope of works also included drainage and road works of 177m along the existing Mamoral Road. 
  • The construction of a new road over the completed bridge is 7.3m wide 
  • Construction of 1.5m wide sidewalks on both sides.
  • The successful reconstruction of the B1/4 Mamoral Bridge serves to benefit more than 1500 households in the
  • Mamoral community and contributes to the overall upgrade of the nation’s infrastructure.
  • The roadway also has no limit and provides improved drainage and river protection.