Bridge B2/1 Cunapo Southern Road, Sangre Grande

Bridge B2/1 Cunapo Southern Road is a 28m single span bridge utilizing AASHTO Type IV Pre-stressed Concrete Beams for the superstructure supported on shallow abutments founded on auger piles.


  • In cross-section, the road width over the new bridge is 7.3m wide with 0.3 concrete slipper drains and a 1.5m wide sidewalk on both sides.
  • Reinforced parapet walls are included at the side of the sidewalk to provide protection for pedestrians. The total cross section width of the new bridge is 11.6m.
  • Realignment of a section of the Cunapo river, drainage and road works of 100m on the northern approach and 70m on the southern approach.
  • River paving works 40.0m upstream and downstream of the bridge provides further river bank protection to the four corners of the structure.