Matelot Shoreline Stabilisation Works Phase I & II

The Matelot coastlines are open to the hydrodynamic environment of the Caribbean Sea, due to its location on the north coast of Trinidad. The shoreline in the Matelot and Grand Riviere area is affected by erosion caused by wave action, which has resulted in slumping of slopes and flanking of existing seawalls. Coastal erosion is exacerbated by extreme weather events, such as in late 2016. The continuing erosion and the importance of the Paria Main Road warrant the need for a coastal protection scheme to be implemented. As a result the Coastal Protection Unit has developed strategies to treat with the issue. 


* Construction of 170 linear meters of rubble mound revetment and ancillary works
* Construction of 75 linear meters of toe protection
* Construction of 146 linear meters of rubble revetment
​* Construction of access staircase; ancillary works.

* Projection of public infrastructure (the Paria Main Road) from coastal inundation/erosion
* To improve the experience of users of important public/tourism space;
* To increase the stability and sustainability of assets currently at risk from the hazards of coastal erosion;​
* The improvement in access to the Matelot Fishing Depot are among the key benefits of the project.