North Cocos Bay Shoreline Stabilization Works


North Cocos Bay is located on the east coast.The main objective for this project was to alleviate coastal erosion and coastal flooding along this stretch of coastline given the vulnerability to these events caused by the low relief, relatively unstable geology, direct exposure to the Atlantic Ocean and North East Trade Winds, influence of deep water oceanic currents and localised rip currents and squalls.


The scope of works for the North Cocos Bay Project are the construction of a 100 linear meters of seawall with toe protection is being undertaken. Berthing and landing facilities including the construction of a slipway, a landing shed together with paving and drainage works are also being done. The installation of 100 meters of vinyl sheet pile coastal protection works; the construction of a slipway and the provision of launching/berthing facilities.​


The key benefits of this project are to support to the fishing industry and overall national food security by provision of the only fish landing site on the east coast and erosion protection of the facility. This project was completed in 2015.