Conceptual and Detailed Design Consultancy Services for a Coastal Management Solution at Lady Hailes

The existing seawall along the Lady Hailes Avenue, San Fernando is in a deteriorated condition with sections being undermined, collapsed or tilted. The ongoing erosion of the shoreline and the collapse of the existing structure threaten the present use of the area and the safety of recreational users. Access to the bathing area is also being affected since staircases are becoming undermined and deteriorated.


It has therefore become necessary to stabilise the shoreline and protect the backshore along the Coastal Boulevard. A design for a coastal management solution along approximately 900m of shoreline is therefore being undertaken.

* Reduce the frequency and severity of the coastal erosion and inundation, thereby reducing the risk to lives and preventing damage to public and private properties, and infrastructure
* To provide a detailed design for a stepped seawall and/or present alternative solutions with detailed designs. The designs  also include drainage infrastructure/outfalls
* To provide an assessment of all the potential impacts that may occur as a result of the proposed coastal management solution

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago intends to implement the San Fernando Waterfront Redevelopment Project, an initiative of the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development. The project is proposed to be an attraction for local and international tourist to the southern region of the country and create opportunities for business owners through a number of developmental initiatives such as the Plaza San Carlos Historic District, Transit Hub, King’s Wharf, Yacht Club and the Coastal Boulevard. The coastal intervention therefore seeks to protect the proposed development of the San Fernando Waterfront Project.