San Souci Shoreline Stabilisation Works


Sans Souci Bay is located on the northern coastline, along the Paria Main Road. It is open to the hydrodynamic activities of the Caribbean Sea and experiences high erosion rates along the entire shoreline. Constant wave action at the cliff base along the project site has resulted in the removal of sediment with consequential undermining of the road way and the existing rubble masonry sea wall. The slipping of the cliff has caused instability of the main roadway to neighbouring communities (e.g. Grand Riviere and Matelot) and is need of stabilization works.

The Coastal Protection Unit will construct 170 linear meters of rock revetment; road work improvements; road drainage/surface water runoff improvements.

The main benefits of this project are the:
* To protect of public infrastructure (the Paria Main Road) from coastal inundation/erosion
* To improve the experience of users of important public/tourism space and,
* To increase the stability and sustainability of assets currently at risk from the hazards of coastal erosion.