Shore of Peace Coastal Cliff Stabilisation Works - Completed Project

In 2015, the Ministry's Coastal Protection Unit completed the Shore of Peace Stabilization Works Project .The site is an important  religious site situated on the south west coast of trinidad, adjacent to the mouth of the Godineau River.

The Shore of Peace Cliff Stabilization Works project was developed to address the erosion of sandstone cliffs that exist at the backshore zone of the Shore of Peace Cremation Facility. Erosional activity resulted from undercutting due to wave action on the base of the cliff.


  • Construction of 530 linear metres of combined concrete seawall and rubble mound revetment at the cliff's base and 530 linear metres of safety railing at the cliff's edge.


This project was beneficial as it :
  • Increased safety features for users of the cremation site;
  • Reduced the overall coastal erosion rates on the south west peninsula;
  • Reduced the overall cost to repair and replace infrastructure that will result in coastal erosion;
  • Reduced the destruction of property of religious and cultural significance that will result from continued coastal erosion prevention.