Toco Ferry Port


Toco Bay offers the optimal location for a fast ferry port and the MOWT is currently pursuing this endevour as a catalyst to opening up east Trinidad to new industrial, commercial and residential development. The new Toco Ferry Port facility will provide economic growth as the opportunity for the expansion of businesses in the surrounding communities. The project will provide a more efficient inter island ferry service between Trinidad and Tobago there-by creating connectivity and reliability as Toco would serve as an additional gateway to Tobago. When operationalised, the travel time between Toco and Tobago is estimated to be 45 minutes.


 * An inter-island ferry terminal
 * A Capitainerie (incl. marina for the docking of yachts and pleasure crafts)
 * A Coast Guard base
 * Fishing and Boat Repair Facility
 * A Sewerage Treatment Plant
 * Bunkering Facility


 * This project will aid in the thrust of the Government towards diversification of the economy. The marina and hotel facilities will encourage development of the tourism sector in north east Trinidad.
 * The project will provide a more efficient interisland ferry service between Trinidad and Tobago. The travel time between Toco and Tobago is estimated to be 45 minutes, resulting in less fuel used for vessels for this journey in comparison to the fuel consumption for the POS to Tobago sailing. Significant savings will therefore accrue to the Government.
 * Concomitant with the establishment of the ferry port is the development of the Valencia to Toco roadway to allow for the efficient movement of persons between the port to other regions of the country.
 * Businesses in the communities of Toco and environs will benefit economically from the increased number of persons visiting the community.
 * The new fishing facility will allow for storage and handling of fish. The ice making capabilities will allow fishermen to store their catch for a period of time or be able to remain at sea for longer periods


 * Conceptual designs were completed in 2017.
 * Geophysical Surveys were completed.
* It is anticipated that the CEC would be granted by May 2020 paving the way for the design of a Design-Build 
Contract by September 2020
 * The Toco Port is expected to be completed by September 2023