Valencia to Toco Roadway

The Valencia to Toco Roadway project, together with construction of a Toco Port, will provide a faster alternative sea route between Tobago and East Trinidad and open up the entire Northeast region of Trinidad to new industrial, residential and commercial development. The current transportation infrastructure isolates Toco and its surrounding communities from and the rest of the country. This project will help to diversify of the economy.
This 40 kilometer stretch of roadway from Valencia to Toco is now under construction. The PURE Unit of the Highways Division is upgrading approximately 12km of the Valencia Road, from the Eastern Main Road to Toco Main Road.

This roadway will significantly change the outlook for Sangre Grande and its environs, waking up many dormant communities within this region such as Valencia, Sangre Grande, Matura, Salybia, Rampanalagas, Cumana, San Souci, Toco, Grande Riviere and Matelot, with new and limitless opportunities for business and economic investments for the eastern region.

Works will include the construction of a two-lane roadway, the construction of three (3) roundabouts/intersections, the repair of approximately four (4) slope failures, the widening of 8 bridges, the rehabilitation/extension of culverts, the construction/re-establishment of lined and unlined drains and the construction of ancillary works.
To date all 8 work packages have been awarded to different local contractors, with work fast apace. This phase is expected to be completed by mid-2020 with continuation to Phase 2 all the way to Toco.