Drogher Certificates

The owner of a Drogher must submit in triplicate a “Declaration of Ownership” Form together with the following:
  • Proof of Registration
  • International Tonnage Certification (1969)
  • Valid Safety Certificates (Load Line, Safety Construction, Equipment and Radio or Exemption for Vessels over 500 tons – gross tonnage)
  • Captain Qualifications which are in accordance with the vessel’s Minimum Safe Manning. If the Captain in question is not from the vessel’s flag state verification and/or endorsement must be carried out to confirm the Captain’s competency.
  • Certificate of Insurance against damage to third party (P&I)
  • Valid Safety Inspection conducted by Port State Inspectors (if the vessel is from a foreign state).
  • An Arrival Declaration must be submitted via the TT Biz Link system and the relevant navigational aid dues must be paid for all FOREIGN/CARICOM vessels entering the waters of Trinidad and Tobago for the first (1st) time.
  • Proof of Customs and Excise duties for the importation of a vessel must be provided.

For further information and or other general service enquiries contact the Maritime Services Division:
Telephone: 625-3218/3804/223-4351