Registration of Vessels

In accordance with the Shipping Act of Trinidad and Tobago, a ship can be registered by the following persons:
  • A national of Trinidad and Tobago residing in a Caricom member state
  • Ships customarily engaged in international voyages
  • Individuals or corporations owning ships hired out on bareboat charter to nationals of Trinidad and Tobago 
  • Bonafide joint venture shipping enterprise relationships with nationals of Trinidad and Tobago as may be prescribed.
Process to Register a Vessel
 The owner submits the following on an application for Registration form, which is provided by the Division: This must be made by the owner(s) or the owner’s agent who has to produce written authority signed by the owner;
  • A Declaration of Ownership
  • A Builder’s Certificate (applies for new vessels only)
  • A Bill of Sale (where the ship has been purchased)
  • Notice of Appointment of Master
  • Declaration of Appointment of Managing Owner or Manager
  • Valid Insurance
  • Call sign and copy of Radio License obtained from Telecommunications
  • Notice of Name of Ship – to be submitted fourteen (14) days before date on which registration is desired
  • Name of master and copy of his Certificate of Competency.
  • An Arrival Declaration must be submitted via the TT Biz Link system and the relevant navigational aid dues must be paid for all FOREIGN/CARICOM vessels entering the waters of Trinidad and Tobago for the first (1st) time.
  • Proof of Customs and Excise duties for the importation of a vessel must be provided. 
Vessels Registered under the Trinidad and Tobago Shipping Act:
Upon the completion of the registration process, the required mandatory fees are for the Certificate of Tonnage, Certificate of Registry, Navigational Aid Dues (Unless exempted) and the Carving and Marking Note. Where navigational aids dues are not paid, the outstanding amount remains a charge against the ship and the ship may be detained until full payment is made by the owner or master of the ship (Shipping (Navigational Aids Dues) (No. 2) Regulations).


For further information on the Registration of Vessels and or other general service enquiries contact the Maritime Services Division:
Telephone: 625-3218/3804/223-4351