Ship Safety, Surveys & Inspections

A vessel owner is required to have the vessel surveyed by a government appointed surveyor, pay the respective navigational due on an annual basis and  pay the relevant registration fee as follows:-
  • $100 for a Motor Launch under 7 metres
  • $200 for a Motor Launch under 7-15 metres
  • $400 for a Motor Launch over 15 metres
  • Travelling fee is also paid to the surveyor conducting the survey, which is calculated in accordance with the Personnel Department Circular #4 of 2004 dated 7th January 2004
For further information and or general service enquiries contact the Maritime Services Division:
625-4815 | 627-1784

Written correspondence can be addressed to:

The Director of Maritime Services
Maritime Services Division
Ministry of Works and Transport
Clarence House
#127 - 129 Duke Street Port of Spain