B 1/24 Toco Bridge


The project’s scope includes the following:
  • Full reconstruction of the B 1/24 bridge to facilitate a higher volume of water and two 3.3m wide lanes of traffic heading north and south;
  • Slope protection works inclusive of gabion baskets, reno mattresses and a vetiver system within the river channel;
  • Construction of associated drainage systems, both surface and subsurface where required;
  • Road rehabilitation on the bridge as well as 50m before and after the bridge.
  •  With extra savings on the contract, the contractor was able to supply and place 135cu.m of boulders along the paria main road.

  • Facilitates a free flow of traffic, less risky turns and transitions onto the bridge to safely accommodate traffic to and from Grand Toco, Grand Riviere, Sand Souci, Matelot, and environs;
  • Introduction of new drainage channels to alleviate excess water on the roadway;
  • Improvement to the bridge’s hydraulic capacity during heavy rainfall events;
  • Employment opportunities were created for the community during the construction phase of the project;
  • Prevention of further erosion along the Paria Main Road.