Diego Martin Pedestrian Overpass

With the impending extension to the Diego Martin Highway, it was deemed necessary to reduce and hopefully eliminate pedestrian and vehicular conflicts in the vicinity of the Morne Coco Road and the Four Roads intersection, an area that was considered a danger zone. The PURE Unit designed and constructed the Diego Martin Pedestrian Overpass to channel walking traffic away from the threat of moving vehicles. The PURE Unit was then tasked with designing and managing the construction of a 36.5 meter span box truss pedestrian overpass. This project would serve to benefit the community by improving pedestrian access and mobility to and from essential services as well as maintaining livelihood of persons by enabling safe and efficient movement of pedestrians across the Diego Martin Highway from residential areas to commercial areas.


  • Demolition and reinstatement of the existing property walls; HDC Compound (western side) and Four Roads Government Primary School (Eastern Side) 
  •  Construction of reinforced concrete foundations, piers, ramps, and slabs
  •  Fabrication, assembly, testing and erection of a 36.6 metre span main truss superstructure
  •  Construction of associated drainage works
  •  Relocation and protection of existing utility infrastructure
  •  Installation of handrails along the superstructure
  •  Installation of security lighting along the ramps and walkover structure and decorative lighting along the walkover structure 


  • Reduction of pedestrian-vehicular conflicts across the Diego Martin Highway which will make the intersection safer for all road users.
  • Improvement of pedestrian access to and from the school and the residential and commercial areas within the community.


  • The construction of access ramps will allow for the differently abled to safely cross the highway
  • Reduction in the time it takes for a pedestrian coming from Morne Coco Road (either side) to cross the highway as at present this activity can take almost 10 minutes while waiting on the pedestrian traffic signals to permit person to cross.

Project Commencement Date: 21-01-2019
Project Completion Date: 02-10-2019