Naparima Mayaro Road Stabilization Project

The Naparima Mayaro Road, located in South Trinidad, is a main thoroughfare for various vehicles and can be used to access multiple destinations such as Moruga, Tableland, Rio Claro and Mayaro to name a few.  Many industrial vehicles also traverse this road to access Guayaguayare and the constant passage of heavy equipment deteriorated the road a great deal.
The PURE Unit rehabilitated the road by means of cement stabilization, which is the blending of the pulverised existing soil in the roadway with cement and lime in measured quantities, in this case 2.5% cement and 1% lime.


  • Reduced cost for the use of cement stabilization.
  • The process of rehabilitation is faster since greater lengths can be completed in a day compared to the traditional method which took approximately 5 weeks to complete.
  • The material is easier to transport to the location of the project, which is between Mile End and Guppy Hill, because of the light weight raw material (cement and lime).*
  • Cement stabilisation also saves on landfill space as excavated materials do not need to be disposed of and minimises the quarrying of replacement materials, which are finite resources.*
  • Cement stabilisation reduces rutting because it produces smoother road surfaces which result in lower fuel usage for transportation, a reduction in the layer thickness and lower maintenance.*

Commencement Date: 24th November, 2016
Completion Date: 8th June, 2017