Sir Arthur Lewis Hall Of Residence

The Sir Arthur Lewis Hall of Residence is a dormitory located on St. John Road, St. Augustine housing approximately five hundred (500) students  who attend the University of the West Indies. The Hall was constructed in 2010 off the bank of a natural water course which flows into the Macoya River.

With the progression of time, the material from the slope of the river bank became weathered and eroded into the water course. This erosion caused land slippage, at various locations along the compound of the Hall, a direct result of heavy rainfall and the unstable river bank slope.

This project was necessary to improve the stability of the slope and prevent further damage to the Sir Arthur Lewis Hall of Residence, which will in turn ensure  the safety of  occupants. The establishment, realignment and protection of the water course will also play an important role in alleviating flooding in the area.


  • Improved safety of the Sir Arthur Lewis Hall of Residence facility and its occupants
  • Alleviation of flooding in the area
  • Protection of the river bank
  • Protection of the river channel*

Project Commencement Date: 30th March, 2017
Completion Date: 18th December, 2017