Chaguanas Traffic Alleviation Project

Improving the fluidity of transportation through bustling Chaguanas remains a priority of the Ministry of Works and Transport. Toward this end, the Chaguanas Traffic Alleviation Project has been designed to provide a faster and smoother commute in and out of the area. The PURE Unit recently completed the construction of the Soogrim Trace Roundabout project which forms part of Phase 1 of the Chaguanas Traffic Alleviation Plan. This project aims to reduce the traffic congestion along the Narsaloo Ramaya Marg Road by the construction of alternate access routes. The delays associated with traffic congestion have been greatly reduced. This project was broken into two phases:  

  • Phase I of the project consists of the construction of a box culvert, and a roundabout with four (4) adjoining legs to accommodate traffic on and off Soogrim Trace West, Narsaloo Ramaya Marg road and the Uriah Butler Highway. 

Leg #1 – Connects to Soogrim Trace West.
Leg #2 – Connects to Narsaloo Ramaya Marg Road (North)
Leg #3 – Connects to the Uriah Butler Highway (southbound)
Leg #4 – Connects to Narsaloo Ramaya Marg Road (South)

* Phase II (Proposed): entails the construction of an overpass which connects traffic west of the highway to the eastern section of the highway.

In June 2019 Phase 1 of this project at Soogrim Trace was opened and the outcome has provided the following:

  • The alleviation of traffic congestion in and out of the town centre, thus reducing travel time
  • The improvement of the connectivity between the Eastern and Western regions of Chaguanas
  • The provision of an alternative routes for suburban residents
  • The improvement of road infrastructure that now allows faster and more efficient travel

The Chaguanas Traffic Alleviation Project will be completed in five more phases:
Phase 1A - Endeavour Phase I, which comprised the construction of a roundabout and associated works.
Phase 1B - Soogrim Trace Roundabout.
Phase 2 - Endeavour Phase II 2019
Phase 3 - Upgrade to the Munroe Road Interchange, and
Phase 4 - Construction of two overpasses at Soogrim Trace and at Brentwood
Phase 5 - Construction of Soogrim Trace Overpass