The Port of Spain Flood Alleviation Project


This is a special project aimed at greatly reducing the perennial problem of flooding in the Port of Spain area.  Over the last decade, during torrential rainfall, South Quay Port of Spain has experienced adverse flooding along with the following issues:

* The inaccessibility and gridlock throughout the nation’s capital
* Inconvenience to pedestrians and the travelling public as a result of being stranded at the PTSC/Maxi Taxi Hub or remote areas of POS as transportation is unattainable until the waters have subsided.

This project will help to solve the problem of flooding by providing the following:
* Construction of a 2.0m (W) x 0.8m (H) concrete box culvert for an approximate length of 205m along South Quay between Broadway and Charlotte Street.
* Construction of a 1m (W) x 1m (H) concrete box culvert for an approximate length of 66m along Broadway.
* Construction of a detention pond and associated outfalls (three (3) cylinders each with a 1500mm diameter and flap gate to be installed)
* Construction of three (3) catch pits
Installation of a pump system to assist in removing any excess water from the detention pond and by extension the connected drainage channels.
The Construction of pump house; Installation of trash rack and the installation of flap gates and the installation of pump are still under construction.